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A content page consists of various content items in a chosen Bootstrap grid

Each created page can arrange their content elements using arbitrary grid layouts. Each page may contains various layout sections. In each section you can place one or more content items of various kinds like:

  • HTML text;
  • YouTube videos;
  • Google maps;
  • Quotes;
  • Atom or RSS feeds;
  • Computer code;
  • Zikula blocks;
  • the output of another Zikula module or Symfony bundle.

Within these layout sections you can sort the content items by means of drag & drop.
You can make an unlimited number of pages and structure them hierarchical. Your page structure can be displayed in a multi level menu in your website.

»Zikula allows you to build simple one-page websites to individual web applications.«

-- Zikula homepage

This is a second HTML text content item in the left column.
Content is an extendable module. You can create your own content plugins and other Zikula modules can also offer additional content items. For example a calendar module may provide a Content plugin for a list of the latest events.

  1. $this->doAction($var); // just some code

So you see that you can place all kinds of content on the page in your own style and liking. This makes Content a really powerful module.

It also features additional functionality, like translating content and tracking changes between different versions.

This footer finishes this introduction page. And now, please enjoy using Content. The Page list interface lets you edit or delete this introduction page. In the administration settings you can further control the Content module.

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Mini-ARTS (Advancing Revisionary Taxonomy and Systematics) 2021

These awards are for revisionary taxonomy and systematics, modeled after the NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Advancing Revisionary Taxonomy and Systematics (ARTS) developed within the Systematics and Biodiversity Science Cluster. We are calling these 'Mini-ARTS' grants.

Application Open Date: Jun 6, 2021

Application Close Date: Aug 17, 2021


Graduate Student Research Award 2020

The Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB) Graduate Student Research Awards assist graduate students conducting research in systematics.

Application Open Date: Sep 15, 2020

Application Close Date: Nov 9, 2020

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